Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak – Rule All Mountains

Ducati has revealed the sportiest Multistrada to date, the new V4 Pikes Peak.

Featuring new MotoGP inspired livery, the new V4 Pikes Peak stands out from the crowd. It’s intuitive and powerful, ready and willing to rule all mountains, and takes sporty qualities to the extreme.

The new V4 Pikes Peak features a 170hp V4 Granturismo engine, ready for whatever adventure is next on your list. It builds on the Multistrada V4 platform, that beautifully combines performance, smoothness and rider and passenger comfort, with ease of handling and state of the art equipment.

There’s a wide range of carbon fibre components on this bike, in addition to an Akrapovic titanium and carbon silencer. Other distinctive elements include the low smoked plexi, two tone rear saddle with V4 logo and Ohlins front fork anodized gold legs.

The dedicated ergonomics are specifically designed to ensure maximum control and optimize lean angles. The riding position on this new bike have been completely refreshed, with the footpegs higher and further back to increase lean angle, whilst the handlebar now sits low, narrower and has contained curved bars. Overall, there’s a much sportier feeling whilst still maintaining top levels of comfort on the road.

Finally, there is of course 4Ever Multistrada, Ducati’s exclusive 4 year warranty available on all new Multistrada models. This includes unlimited mileage for ultimate peace of mind.

We hope to welcome the new Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak to Ducati Cambridge this December, however if you would like us to let you know when it arrives simply register your interest with a member of our team.

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