Vindis Ducati Peterborough – Fantastic Service

The team at Vindis Ducati Peterborough were delighted to read a fantastic review written by Steve Gorman in the Ducati Owners Club GB 'Desmo 248' publication.

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The full article is below:

"I know too well how easy it is to dwell on negative experiences and tell everyone around you all about how bad ‘it’ has been and how much easier it is to just accept good service and not talk or tell anyone, hence why I’m writing this. I think I need to say here that I get no incentives or enhancements from Vindis and am just relating my experiences below.

"I had to take my beloved 1260 Multistrada Enduro in to Ducati Peterborough for some TLC following a little incident which was all my fault. They were brilliant from the very start allowing me to drop the bike off before I took a school trip away and arranging to drop it off before I got back, or that was the plan. The changes that Matt Milani has and is making at this branch of Vindis have been transformational and this is particularly true of the service department as over the last few months they have made significant staff changes. I have always enjoyed visiting the store as it is not your usual old converted garage or warehouse which rattles in the wind but a stunning Art Deco building which would do justice to any premium brand, the staff are always interested to hear what you are up to and they also have a nice coffee machine which I always make use of (some biscuits would be nice).

"Lynn Hagland is now looking after the servicing and spares department and is always willing to try to help find solutions to problems that arise as sometimes the initial issue is not the main fault but a result of it. I think his official title is ’Manager of Greasy and Oily bits’.

"As I am too aware things never go quite to plan in life and bikes are no different, so whilst dismantling various bits it was discovered that another part would need to be ordered and replaced which would mean that the bike would be late for delivery, no real problem. Lynn and Adam Green (the senior technician) recommended that I should also have the discs cleaned as they looked to be not functioning properly! Clean away I said.

"New parts fitted and brakes cleaned the bike was taken for a test ride only for them to find a warranty issue relating to the front brake which was sticking causing excessive heat build-up on the disc. Lynn explained the problem and said parts had already been ordered but wasn’t sure of the delivery time as this was the day before Christmas Eve! No sooner had he put the phone down than he had a solution to the problem and so both my Ducati and I were reunited for Christmas Eve.

"As a comparison, recently I visited another dealer whilst heading South on a trip to the Salisbury area. Whilst at the branch the only two people to talk to me were the lady in the clothing outlet shop and the man that runs the burger van when he took my order. It felt very strange and not the welcoming environment I’m used to.

"I would like to wish everyone at Vindis Ducati Peterborough every success for the coming year. I’m already planning and looking forward to getting away on some new adventures early in 2020 and hope to see other DOC GB members whilst on my travels - after all a bike is designed for riding."

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