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959 Panigale

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959 Panigale


From the road to the track

The technology and performance of the new 959 Panigale are those of a large-displacement Superbike, with increased accessibility. The perfect balance for high-performance riding in all conditions, from the street to the track.

Advanced engine, updated design

The technology and performance of the new 959 Panigale match the levels of models with large engines, and combine with greater versatility for use in all conditions, from the city to the track.

Balanced technology

The electronics package on the 959 Panigale includes ABS, Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Ducati Quick Shift (DQS), Engine Brake Control (EBC) and Ride-by-Wire (RbW). Thanks to Ducati Riding Mode technology, these systems are combined in different ways to give the bike three different souls.

Superquadro engine

The new 955 cc twin-cylinder, the first Euro 4 homologated Superquadro, boasts a new stroke value and many other interventions that have led to a higher torque curve and greater maximum power.

959 Panigale

The balance of shapes

On the new 959 Panigale, the new features are not limited to the engine: the aesthetics and set-up have also been significantly improved with some important updates.


Every detail of the 959 Panigale is a tribute to the Ducati racing tradition. A wider and more protective screen that ensures greater aerodynamic penetration, new air vents on the fairing and new rear-view mirrors complete the front fairing.


The new tail, divided into two sections, completes the design of the 959 Panigale, further enhanced by new details such as differently shaped footpegs, made from machined billet aluminium, for the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.


As with the bigger 1299 Panigale, the set-up of the 959 Panigale is entrusted to a compact monocoque structure, in fused aluminium to increase its resistance, using the Superquadro engine as a structural element.


More enjoyable on the road, more exciting on track

The new 955 cc twin-cylinder, the first Euro 4 homologated Superquadro, boasts a new stroke value and many other interventions that have led to a higher torque curve and greater maximum power, now equal to 157 hp at 10,500 rpm.

Smoothness and control

Exceptionally fluid distribution redesigns the riding experience of the 959 Panigale, making it versatile and enjoyable even at low speeds. With 107.4 Nm of torque at 9,000 rpm, this Superquadro is made even more enjoyable on both the road and the track. Innovation that continues with Euro 4 homologation, ensuring that this engine, the beating heart of a superbike, is suited to any occasion.

Even more advanced, still more powerful.

The 959 Panigale grows in terms of power thanks to its increased displacement, made possible by increasing the stroke of the piston from 57.2 to 60.8 mm and by redesigning the crankshaft and piston rods, using a completely new lubrication system. 157 hp at 10,500 rpm for even more exciting engine performance.

Cutting-edge components

Pistons equipped with new pins with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) surface treatment. An engine crankcase inspired by the 1299 Panigale, obtained using vacuum-sealed die casting thanks to Vacural® technology for maximum weight saving and increased mechanical resistance. Every single element has been designed to ensure maximum lightness and support the tremendous performance of the new Superquadro. Like the valves, for example, controlled by racing-derived rocker arms, well finished and coated with DLC to reduce friction and increase stress-resistance.

Adrenaline and enjoyment

The 959 Panigale is equipped with a slipper clutch to optimise high torque transmission during sports riding. This mode stops the rear wheel from locking, thus preventing any subsequent loss of stability during aggressive down shifting. The Corse experience combines with the technical solutions of the 959 Panigale to ensure maximum enjoyment on board this powerful superbike.

Service intervals

The increase in torque, together with higher maximum power, does not affect the main service intervals, meaning that valve clearance adjustment should still be carried out every 24,000 km. A general service should be completed every 12,000 km or 12 months. To enjoy the thrills, always.

Undeniable tradition

As with all Ducatis, the 959 Panigale uses the desmodromic distribution system. With the Desmo system, valves are closed mechanically using a technique and precision similar to those of the opening phase, allowing for cam profiles with more drive and extreme timing that allows for the desired level of performance to be achieved. The benefits of this can also be seen with the Ducati Corse Superbikes and the MotoGP Desmosedici bikes. A Ducati exclusive. A characteristic feature that cannot be renounced.


Performance, agility, control

The 959 Panigale boasts all kinds of Ducati technology to offer the perfect balance between track performance and road control and safety.

Absolute Control

The 959 Panigale is equipped with a front braking system composed of two Brembo radially mounted monobloc M4.32 callipers, activated by a radial brake pump. The discs are 320 mm in diameter. At the rear is a single 245 mm disc. Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres, designed to give high performance on both the road and the track, are the perfect choice for the 959 Panigale, able to ensure optimum grip when the bike is leaning or exiting curves.

Lightness & Handling

The already impressive set-up figures of the 899 have been further improved on the 959. The steering geometry remains unchanged, with 24° of rake and 96 mm front wheel trail. The double-sided swing-arm, entirely created in fused aluminium, has a pivot that is 4 mm lower with respect to the 899, with the wheelbase fixed at 1,431 mm, while weight distribution is 51% at the front and 49% at the rear, becoming a perfect 50/50 with the rider on board.

Maximum safety

The 959 Panigale is equipped, as standard, with the Bosch 9MP ABS system with integrated pressure sensor. the three-level system ensures reduced stopping distances and greater stability in any riding condition. While level 1 of the system adjusts ABS intervention to sports performance and does not involve activation of the rear anti-wheeling mechanism, level 2 offers the same type of intervention but also activates the anti-wheeling system. Lastly, level 3 corresponds to the maximum degree of intervention, ensuring maximum stability while braking and rear wheelie control.

Sports gearing

The DQS electronic gearbox on the 959 Panigale allows for almost instantaneous gear shifting. The ECU immediately notes the gear and throttle opening angle and intervenes by cutting both ignition and injection for a period of time in the region of thousandths of a second. Traction is interrupted electronically, allowing for rapid shifting without intervening on the clutch or throttle, in perfect racing style.

Riding Modes

The Riding Modes system is programmed to instantly modify the character of the bike, intervening with regard to ABS, DTC and EBC as well as the Power Modes, or rather on the various power supply curves. The three dedicated Riding Modes for the 959 Panigale are Race, Sport and Wet.

Ducati Traction Control

The DTC system on the 959 Panigale harnesses the software logic used by Ducati Corse in the MotoGP and Superbike World Championships and allows you to choose between eight profiles, developed to respond to any environmental condition. While level 8 helps you acquire safety, turning itself on at the slightest sign of wheelspin with a high level of interaction, level 1, reserved for more expert riders, is characterised by greater tolerance and, therefore, by minimum intervention.


The 959 Panigale is equipped with compact instrumentation with an LCD display that allows you to customise and save ABS, EBC, DTC, DQS and Ride-by-Wire settings within each of the Riding Modes. In addition, the stopwatch function can display the last 30 laps completed, recording the lap number, maximum speed and maximum revs achieved during each lap.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system also enjoys some new features: in the “World” version, a double side silencer is fitted, in line with the Euro 4 homologation regarding emissions, while in the version for those markets in which Euro 4 is not obligatory, the exhaust system is under the engine, joined to the fairing. For those who are still not happy, there are also aftermarket alternatives created by Akrapovic in lightweight titanium.



Discover more on dedicated apparel and accessories.

Homologated silencing system

Produced by Akrapovič for Ducati, the silencing system is made entirely from titanium: it saves almost 2 kg of weight and comes complete with carbon heat guards. Give your Panigale an unmistakeable sound, while still complying with legal requirements.

Racing exhaust kit

The complete exhaust kit, designed for racetrack lovers, carries the exhaust in the part below the engine, reducing the weight of the bike and increasing its agility. Produced exclusively by Akrapovič for the Panigale, it is the most advanced complete racing kit available on the market. Each individual section of the system is created with a special titanium alloy which is extremely lightweight and resistant to high temperatures. Born for acceleration and heartstopping sprints.

Refined accessoires

Aluminium is a material chosen to create complex accessories with a refined finish. Functionality and design combine in unique details such as the brake lever protection and handlebar counterweights, designed to improve bike steering. Conversely, the brake fluid and clutch fluid tanks reinterpret functional components by transforming them into sophisticated design objects with clean lines.

Sporting componentry

Carbon fibre combines lightness and high quality. Mudguards, protection from shock absorbers and rider heel guards are just some of the carbon accessories designed to enhance the sporting spirit of the Panigale. Finally, the opaque finish guarantees a bold, distinctive design.

Red Arrow helmet

The Red Arrow helmet, created by Arai, is the top of the range of full-face helmets in the Ducati collection. The captivating design unites comfort and strength at the highest levels, thanks to the mix of thicknesses and materials. The Ducati Corse D|air® Racing Suit brings to mind the Italian flag.

Ducati SuMisura

The Ducati Corse D|air® Ducati Racing Suit represents cutting-edge technology in the field of track safety. A gyroscope inserted into the hump allows you to check the riding position of the rider and, if necessary, engage the airbags around the shoulders, neck and collarbone. The real innovation of this suit compared to other jackets with airbags is that there are no wires or physical attachments whatsoever between the bike and the rider. The Ducati Corse D|air® Racing Suit is made exclusively using the SuMisura made-to-measure tailoring programme. You can design your own suit with personalised colours and writing for free, thanks web configurator.

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